Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little B

The rap ive been listening to has been extremely limited. essentially it's only been lil B (of the Pack; vans fame). He is incredibly prolific having thousands of songs out since starting his solo career, most of which he hosts on the internet for free download. He does a little of it all though. you can find him rapping over environmental sounds without drums. He talks about ellen degeneris (spelled wrong, dont care), guns, life, god, himself, women, drugs, skateboarding, clothes, cars, what people think of him, what he thinks of them, and that's it. He takes a quantity over quality approach similar to MFdoom and is seeing similar success.
His music is new, but he still rapps with his hands.

My friend daniel was saying one minute lil b is just saying some ridiculous something over and over like the track i got pretty bitches then out of nowhere he says something too real. I like that.
google him and tons of free downloads come up.

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