Wednesday, June 29, 2011


these are some dudes that are good at it.
i really want to go to this show in philly.
anyone want to roll?
BNNA CLPS Presents: The King of Jeans (Sammy Slice and Cool Hand Luke) by sammyslice

UO Radio Presents: BNNA CLPS with Sammy Slice & Cool Hand Luke by sammyslice

my dude Kel

my best friend of all time came to visit me for a month. i miss him dearly already. like a champ he rode mopeds with me almost every day for the month he was here including the richmond rally. we had hella fun. we went to new jerz over the GW and up to Yonkers and all through the city. stepthruz for life.

the name of this gas station is: Gas sale! (ignore those gulf stickers) it was like 14cents less than anywhere else in NJ that we saw
 couple a mopeds

 Statue of liberty from the new Jerzy side.
 Queens Bridge!!

moepeds cool

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Case matching Peugeot

This is the case matching that i did on my general peugeot mutant. stock cases match to 70cc gila with 3rd transfer opened up. engine stats are in the post below. Sandpaper, yee

It is important to get as close to that case bolt hole as possible. flow through the 3rd transfer is what makes the difference between peugeot and AV7 (that and a few other things). I ramped up into the intake a little bit too. Floetry.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I built a bike for Richmond

Ive been wanting to weld up this 103 mount, swing arm, engine, and rear wheel up to something cool for a while. My friend Sara had a general that she said i could have if i taught her everything i know. Deal.

i made this bike happen in a week or so. super rush.
I had the kit, carb, and variator lying around so..
here are the stats

gila kit
tsm head that i hand machined to 70cc. lots of sanding
stock cases matched 3rd eye opened and could be done bigger/better stock crank
4petal malossi intake/ 19mm clamp phbg. spigot wouldnt fit. (it does in my tsm) 92 main, stock needle and idle jet
MBK CDI. works great (thanks Drew)
Gianelli pipe. looks almost identical to doppler.

It ran great at the rally never went above 409degrees. i kind of babied it though. I did push it and went a bit past 50 on the speedo. It has a dip before the pipe hits that i need to tune out.
I have streetmate front end that im gonna get on there when i have some time.
I was riding around and got pulled over and lectured by a scooter cop. he went off the rails saying he could take me to jail right now. On your scooter or what? I went to register it today but the DMV had no heart. ill go back to try the same thing next week in BK.

the bike now has the little side covers that say 5star in the back. I welded up a bracket for a LED tail light. all the wires and cables are a mess. i like it like that.
Im also gonna double up on those square headlights.
the pipe clears curbs too. i was afraid it was too low. it's just fine.

ill get more pics up when i register it and am riding it more