Saturday, May 15, 2010

intake velocity, it"s real

Look what I made.

its that black tube connecting the carburetor to the cylinder. it is an intake. It was my first time welding in 8 or so years. it was exciting. I am so excited to do some more welding. who needs an intake? It increased my low end alot. i had this theory that the tube works just like a riffle barrel and shoots the air/gas mixture into the case and into the transfers with high speed causing more to get into the cylinder to be compressed and combusted. more air/gas in there the bigger the combustion, the more power. I hope that makes sense.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

coped another

I got a call from a guy frantically trying to sell me his registered za50. this doesnt make sense because a za50 is just an engine. i ask him if it is just a engine or a whole bike. he says a whole bike and insists that it is a za50. he negociates me from 500 to 150 in a single breath i say ok bring it on. he shows up at my door with this
registered running mkII. i dropped that engine and am putting my kick start e50 on it and got a polini on the cheap im gonna throw on that. fast bike cheapsies.