Friday, February 26, 2010

This blog is about mopeds too

I got a line on a rare as hufk mag wheel. im thinking of putting on the front of my magnum.
my wheels would be like this one minus the disc brake:
Way big props to Tomahawk Tuning. not only is this bike inspiration for wheel styles but it is a pretty huge feat of tuning wizardry. im not even sure that tuning is the right word for what has been done on this bike. for details check here:

anyway, im not trying to bite. but i guess thats just what it is. id feel like a jerk if i were to take the color scheme too. im thinking ill stick with red and white though. I hope this post isnt a jinx. i shouldnt go tooting any horn before i got it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thought id give these kids some shine

Im really feeling these dudes. Its the Cool Kids based out of chicago. I have huge admiration for a group that can keep their raps about local things and get national buzz. Cool Kids is one of those groups. They could be considered hipster-hop yadda yadda, i dont care though. their music is tight. they rap about what is important. BMX..

Deal, you tupac babies.

another dude in their crew is hollywood holt. aparently my homie cliffy knows this guy. check him out if you want more of this type of swing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

its a life style

I cant help from smiling when seeing this picture and i know why. Spakoli represents something pure, something reckless and free. Every time that I have a second thought or regret I take a step away from Spakoli. Jesus "Spakoli" Christo:

i gotta rock the bagel tucked into the pants style sometime

Sunday, February 14, 2010


A friend recently asked me to list my top 5 Gucci Mane songs, so I thought id share:

this is comming from an extreemly superficial review of his library. dude has stacks of albums and probably over a hundred songs i havent heard. most of my exposure is through youtube. which is shitty. All said and done, Gucci is so tight. i could listen to him rap about anything over any beat. challenge that.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Magnum incarnations

this is my magnum a month after i got it. kitted up bonerific
treats 70cc kit
19mm dellorto phbg
tecno boss

This is it now. i rebuilt everything. every system is replaced. cylinder, carb, exhaust, crank, electric, the specs are this:
gilardoni 74cc kit
mikuni TM24 flatslide carb
Motomatic seattle destroyer pipe
stuffed dmp crank
3 shoe clutch, paz springs
treats CDI dremeled a couple mm past full advance
all the electric is up in the side covers, nice and tidy.
i have more tuning to do, but the bike runs now and it pretty peppy.


game recognize game

I started this blog thinking I would talk about mopeds and rap. we will see how it goes.