Sunday, February 27, 2011


this is Sam's gila derbi that I mentioned in the previous post

so bone crusher.

this photo can be seen at its original source at the
The Shred Shed

Friday, February 25, 2011

Look who dumb

I got another stupid project.
I wanted to do a piston port derbi with puch gila since i saw Sam Mckay's in louisville. it was stupid fast. I ran over a nail and got to sit and wait for the paddy wagon with benji and Johno. Sam cruised back from the pack to see if his dudes were ok. we were, so he zoomed back to the pack. he got bored of riding with the pack so he zipped back to us to hang out some more. when we got picked up 30 minutes later he scooted away and caught back up with everyone no problemo. his was on a batavus hs50 frame blk as fuk.

Heres mine

clip on Barz

the engine:

that seat is just a stock variant seat i have. I plan to make a GP seat out of a magnum seat pan. Im going to do 24oko and maybe experiment with getting a peugeot or motobecane pipe on there. im gonna put some shorter shocks on there too. the back is real tall. ill add pics of the build as it progresses.