Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This one is for WES

Im just about done with the hobbit. i cant get spark out of the stock CDI, its frusterating. i dont know weither look for a new cdi box or just sack up to a hpi. i think i want to toss some money at it. its been stagnating at spark for a few months. getting something new will push me to get it straight. WES where you at?

for the only dude still reading this. xoxoxo

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New rapp music

schoolboy q
Im not sure if this song is a radio hit or what, but it knocks.

A$AP Rocky
the biggest thing happening in New York right now that is worth listening to.

Kendrick Lamar
not much to say about this guy. good music, pretty smoked out.

I gave this guy a chance and it payed off. dude can rap even though he is from Pittsburgh.

as far as mopeds go, ive been very slowly building a athena hobbit. im tempted to put it on a magnum, i just need to find the magnum first. as of now its on a 83 black hobbit. we will see if i stick with the original platform.
pics soon