Saturday, April 23, 2011

PP rebuild

yes. I rebuilt my PP motor and slapped it all together.

it took most of a day and Im glad i did it all in one go because it would have sucked to pick it back up later and forget where everything goes.

i wanted to document the process but i forgot my camera at home. I called pete and asked him to bring his. i was already reassembeling it by the time he got to the shop and my hands were FILTHY and i didnt want to soil his camera. It took quite a bit of work to get the gila to fit right too and im not confident that it is done. I bought a new piston for this cylinder and the next step is to put that in and make gaskets and see how everything fits together.
my tjt came with no weights so i used what leftovers Ari had from his, so there is alternating blue and pink weights now. we will see what it needs when is start tuning.