Thursday, March 27, 2014


Well, kind of.
It's been a long time. I have moped projects, motorcycle projects and the like. Ill get those posted soon. Here is a taste of the new stuff:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

to good to be true

At the beginning of last summer Joey Bada$$ came out with this amazing track:

I was amazed with this 17yr old coming out of brooklyn. I listened to it all summer, told everyone about it and eagerly awaited his mixtape to come out which ended up being pretty whatever aside from this track.

I was listening to old records tonight when I came across This:
I recognized it right away from that army marching intro. The styles of beyond album came out in 2000, Joey B jacked this beat in 2012 and it was by far the strongest track on his tape. In the end Joey's verses are 10x better than SOB but it is interesting having an explanation as to why this song stands out so much. Still SOB is fine and Joey is an amazing rapper for 17 years old.

I should add that this kind of thing is common place for rapper's mix tapes. Most of the beats used are other rapper's. Also, Im wondering how he discovered this as he was 4 years old when it came out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Athena hobbit

I havent posted since July. well, i moved across the country. i live in San Anselmo, CA now. nobody here rides mopeds. nbd. 

It doesnt look like much yet, but its getting close to being done. Athena, hpi, oko24, dio reeds, devin pipe. streetmate front end. 
The tank is off, but it looks cleann. Pics at a later date I took the puffy seat foam off i might chop some foam and put it back or do some thin stuff
I had to sand off a few mm from the stator plate to get the flywheel to seat without rubbing. Also I took care of the head myself using sand paper and a tennis ball. I think its called the crazy wayne trick. it worked great. no performance reports yet but it looks cool. next time i take apart the top end ill take a pic of the handy work.

This pipe is sickk. its the devin special. more stages than peoples pipe. I bought it december 2011. this project is moving slow

mlm intake, metric reed adapter. dio reeds in therr

plenty of room for clearance. im excited to try oko. ive heard only love and hate stories. I have faith. Power jets is a good idea. 

Lastly, here is the first bike i ever owned. i got this for my 13th bday. 1979 honda z50. it still ripps. 2stroke is way faster than 4. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

purp drop

here is perhaps the first song im posting that im not way late on. the beat reminds me of make em say uhhhhh. make sense though, dude is from LA. those keyboard horns bang


not much been going on round here in terms of mopeds. that hobbit project hasnt budged. still trying to figure out something for the ignition. apple valley moped races are half way through the season. looks like tons of fun. im going to try to get the hobbit rolling for the next race (aug 18). it would for sure be a competitor in the variated class. here are some of Andy's pics from the last race: ANDY"S FLICKR

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This one is for WES

Im just about done with the hobbit. i cant get spark out of the stock CDI, its frusterating. i dont know weither look for a new cdi box or just sack up to a hpi. i think i want to toss some money at it. its been stagnating at spark for a few months. getting something new will push me to get it straight. WES where you at?

for the only dude still reading this. xoxoxo

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New rapp music

schoolboy q
Im not sure if this song is a radio hit or what, but it knocks.

A$AP Rocky
the biggest thing happening in New York right now that is worth listening to.

Kendrick Lamar
not much to say about this guy. good music, pretty smoked out.

I gave this guy a chance and it payed off. dude can rap even though he is from Pittsburgh.

as far as mopeds go, ive been very slowly building a athena hobbit. im tempted to put it on a magnum, i just need to find the magnum first. as of now its on a 83 black hobbit. we will see if i stick with the original platform.
pics soon

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little B

The rap ive been listening to has been extremely limited. essentially it's only been lil B (of the Pack; vans fame). He is incredibly prolific having thousands of songs out since starting his solo career, most of which he hosts on the internet for free download. He does a little of it all though. you can find him rapping over environmental sounds without drums. He talks about ellen degeneris (spelled wrong, dont care), guns, life, god, himself, women, drugs, skateboarding, clothes, cars, what people think of him, what he thinks of them, and that's it. He takes a quantity over quality approach similar to MFdoom and is seeing similar success.
His music is new, but he still rapps with his hands.

My friend daniel was saying one minute lil b is just saying some ridiculous something over and over like the track i got pretty bitches then out of nowhere he says something too real. I like that.
google him and tons of free downloads come up.