Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remember this post?

remember this post? 

guess what? good news, I got one. white 1987 variant sport r. my plan right now is to roll with the stock cylinder. up to a 21mm carb and figure out some sort of pipe. and roll with some ridiculous scooter clutch springs.  Metrakit folded their moped division so the pipe/pipes I wanted are nowhere to be found and are no longer made, bummer. the weakends in florida apparently make a good derbi pipe and it's not too pricey. perhaps ill roll with one of those.
i have plans to port out that stock cylinder and see what revs I can get out of it.

Ive been ripping the bike all over the city stock. i was able to hit 45 on the speedo in the tunnel on 1st ave. so much fun. its my only bike that still has its horn, I love horn jokes. this bike is amazing.

ill get a pic up soon!