Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My two favorite rappers released albums this week
Gucci Mane released The Appeal.

you can listen to the whole thing on his myspace page. he leaked it himself before the release date too.
my favorite track is Weirdo. Gucci Tarantino

Weezy droped "I am not a human being" a short 11 song album on his birthday sept 27. Dude is in jail and completely kills it. This album is running itunes right now. #1 the day it was released.
my favorite track off this one is Right above it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink Dollaz

I put one of their songs up a few posts ago. the more i listen to them the more Im getting into it.
I have NEVER heard better/nastier female rappers.
some highlights:

there are probably other greats. i havent heard a bad pink dollaz song.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

still here

I know all 3 people that read this want to know about what has been happening. I lost my camera at the NYC rally, so I havent had much interesting to put up. I did blow up another kit on my Peugeot in Boston. I found the source of the seizures though. the studs were backing themselves out of the case creating head leaks. I had to keep tightening down the nuts. I got a little too excited about going fast while me, chad burke, and andrew x2, were trying to find the pack again and soft seized locking up the back wheel for a 100+ food skid sesh. the piston pulled up too much niksil so thats 2 airsals and one mallosi kit that this bike have eaten. I had another airsal and already put that on after i lock tighted the studs into the case. a mixture of rain and injuries have kept me from doing any testing on the bike, but im sure i will get it locked before it gets cold out. here is a pic that andy took of me after i seized and cracked open my top end to look at the damage he said make your seize face:

Boston was a great time. big thanks to all KHZ yall are great dudes. I still got a loaner mid rally. Gracious hostery too. better than i could have asked for. I slept on a bed each night. yee